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The Salt Ministry was established in 2018 to fulfill the admonition of Christ to be the “salt of the Earth,” specifically by reaching out to single parents and families to offer support during difficult
and unexpected circumstances.



1. Nominate someone in need. Fill out the Google Form linked below on behalf of someone you know who could use a little assistance. (Nominations are anonymous to the recipient and you cannot nominate yourself.

2. After validating each nomination, the Salt Council may provide a one-time donation to pay a bill directly, or coordinate options based on the individual need and the availability of funds. 

3. Upon approval, each nominee will receive a letter from the Salt Council, offering prayer and hope to the individual or family receiving assistance.



Click on the "Nominate" button below to be taken to the Google Form.



We don’t know much about the “Covenant of Salt,” which is mentioned only three times in the Bible, but we know that throughout history, salt has been relied upon as a source of preservation, fortification, and nourishment. For those reasons, salt was often used in ancient days as a sign of friendship, hospitality and unity. Knowing those qualities are packed into such tiny grains of salt, we can see more clearly why God issued a “Covenant of Salt” with his people. In fact, He instructs us very clearly to reflect the same characteristics and friendship with one another still today.

So, with every gift offering, the Salt Council also extends unwavering friendship, a promise to pray for each family, and an unfailing love as sisters in Christ. 

We want to remind each family that God can always make a way when there seems to be no way!


Ph: (606) 864-9422

390 Faith Assembly Church Rd | London, KY 40741

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